Saturday, March 30, 2013

Coconut Macaroons

With Easter just around the corner and our Lenten sacrifice of dessert about to end I thought coconut macaroons would be the perfect treat.  After perusing numerous recipes and conducting research on ingredients I finally came up with a plan.  Any question I had of whether or not they turned out okay was quickly put to rest by my husband and his two friends who inhaled nearly half the batch I left to cool while I was in the shower.  Needless to say I'll be returning to the store this afternoon for more coconut and making a second batch, but I'm really glad they turned out as well as they did.  One note about the recipe itself, if you don't have cream of tartar that's okay.  It's not something most people have on hand, and if you don't plan on using it routinely for baking it's probably not worth the investment. That said, it's purpose is to maintain the fluffiness of the macaroon while baking so if you leave it out your macaroons may be a little more dense, but they'll probably taste the same.